Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When life gives you lemons.... literally

MinkPink Sunglasses / Dotti Lost City Skull Jumper / Cotton on Cut-Off Button up / Nobody Skinny Jeans / Savannah Leather Ankle Boot / Reid Cycle Vintage Ladies Bicycle

I love this new knit I bought from Dotti, and I also saw about three other people that love it too when I was on break today - Oops!!  We were all wearing the knit in totally different ways, which makes me think in a few posts time I might do the whole cliche 'Where 'item x' three completely different ways'.  My creative juices have been flowing lately (creative juices?? ohhh sounds so wrong but you get the gist), I work in a mens' funky clothing shop and I actually really love the clothes they produce.  So whilst doing a whole lot of nothing, I began brainstorming.  I will do certain challenges every few weeks or so.  One will include "Lady looks like a Dude - that's trying to look like a lady in a Dude's clothing challenge", "The Kmart challenge" (or for those who don't know Kmart, think of it something like Walmart), "The Ombre challenge", and many more to come.  Can you help me think of any?? Please comment your suggestions - I'm pretty competitive, this could get crazy!

Outfit today: Double Denim, Knit, and chunky biker boots.  Need I say more?

P.S: In my household my housemates and I cook for each other one night a week.  It makes the week a lot more cheaper, a lot more fun to have family dinners and critiquing each other's meals (master chef inspired of course).  Look how cute one of my housemates is with her Japanese presentation/food setting from last nights dinner:



  1. Haha, this is such a fun title :D I love your skull sweater, looks like you had a fab time! Thank you for your nice comment, I'm glad you can use my "Coco and Breezy post" as an inspiration for your upcoming shooting. I got a question since I'm really into photography as well. May I ask you what you studied or did you do an intern as a photographer or so... or do you just do it for fun? Cause you said you're having a shoot soon so I was wondering if photography is your job or just a hobby!? Take care, girl! xoxo from NYC

    1. It was fun!! I'm actually just a really keen photographer that would love to make it s her job... but has been a little lazy and just shoots herself and her friends!! hehehe.. I have a lot of friends that could actually be models so the subject matter isn't a problem at all.. Just tuning my skills :)
      I have just seen that you are in spain!! So jealous!! cant wait to see your photos :)

  2. Love your sweater! Such a positive photos:)