Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sporty Luxe at the Garage

I was browsing through Witchery's website today crossing fingers and toes that they would have their 'European Luxe' black jeans because everywhere I have been looking either doesn't have my size or has sold out completely.  They are great priced ($99.99) and are higher waisted then usual jeans which makes me feel more comfortable - hiding the lumps and bumps that pop out in the low rise jeans.  Also they make your legs looks Amazonial (yes, I just made that word up!) - long and lean.

So I was unsuccessful in finding the jeans  - Might be a successful search on Ebay.  BUT I was successful for finding inspiration for my outfit for todays events.  I stumbled across Witchery's blog and their post entitled: 'Trend Edit: Sports Luxe'.  I'm always one for trying new trends.  As I said in my 'Everyone do the dinosaur - Ganthuaume Point' Here - I usually dress like a 5 year old motorway tomboy - Printed shirts, ripped denim shorts, mullet hairstyles (not really!), but you get my jist.  Depending on the event I like to dress accordingly and different each day.  AH! I'm getting off topic. 

Anyway, browsing I came across the 'Sports Luxe' post and I figure this style puts together my tomboy/sporty persona with my girly, tailored and structured side and I love it.  This picture in particular caught my attention
So I raided my closet and here's my outfit for the day.  I have to apologise for the location for the shoot.  It's in our garage. HA!  It isn't the most creative... but in my defence it's raining and gross in Perth at the moment and I was worried I was going to get rained out if I ventured out for better locations.  So I decided it's going to be a grungy garage sporty luxe shoot.

OUTFIT: Lola vs Harper dress / Peter Morrissey heels (from Big W might I add!!) / Roger David cap / Lovisa gold necklace / Sports girl elastic bracelet

TAH xx

P.S: Kudos to my housie Hooga for taking some photo's for us.  I think you have a bright photography carpenter future ahead of you xx

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Knitwit - Starring Lucy the Toy Poodle

Today marks the day that I became a potential full-time Nanna.  Not only do I now wear and adore nanna knits.  Not only did I stay in last Saturday night with a good book and a cup of tea.  Oh no, now you are looking at a nanna knitter in the making.  Today I had a bit of Nanna and granddaughter day which is what everyone girl needs in their life sometimes, and I have been begging her lately to teach me how to knit.  She makes the most amazing knit wear - My goal for next post is to incorporate a few of her famous knitted pieces she has made me throughout the years (I am actually wearing my most favourite knit jacket she made as I type!).  She explained to me that when she was a girl knitting, sewing, cooking and laundry were core subjects that everyone needed to learned (even the guys!).  Knitting and sewing seems to be such a dying art form, and I would love for the tradition to be passed onto my kids, and their kids.  I mean we'll see how the knitting goes, I'm not expecting miracles but I'm giving it a good go :)
It took me so long to decide what to wear today.  Perth's weather has been pretty all over the joint, so I originally started in denim shorts and a button up shirt and boots.  But I decided I was going to freeze my buttons off so I got into my favourite trusty jeans and was on my way :)

I am wearing: Target heels / Nobody jeans / Kookai singlet / Dotti Fur snood / Sportsgirl hat / Ltd edition Tension Gold watch / OPI nailpolish

Does anyone else knit!?

TAH xx





Sunday, August 25, 2013

annnnddd.. I'm back.

I have been M.I.A lately with some recent events, buuutt with Perth Fashion Festival coming up how could I resist a good blog posting.  I have missed the world of Blogger and especially checking up what all you fabulous people have been up to! 

At the moment I am in a bit of a rut.  As a child I thought I had my life sorted - Represent Australia/Olympics/World championships and the lot, work in the sporting industry, find a man, get married, etc, etc.  As it seems that hasn't worked out as originally planned so far and I thought I had come to terms with that and that I would ride the wave as it comes. 

However, lately my brain has taken over and I haven't been feeling like myself.  I am second guessing everything I am doing, I am telling myself that I should have figured it all out by now but then I realised that I am only 23 and maybe I am trying to rush things and rush life and I really shouldn't be.

Well I'm getting back on track now.  I am totally in love with fashion and experimenting with different looks which was never in the plan when I was growing up.  And I am totally in love with photography and travelling which also was never a front runner in my favourite hobbies.  I guess keeping an open mind is the key to living and full filling life to the maximum and that's what life is about right?

Feeling good - Zimmermann Strapless Drape Dress/Peter Morrissey Strap shoes/Willie Creek Pendant necklace