Saturday, May 25, 2013

Brotime - Last day before my 2 week trip!

So I am a little bit behind on the blog, we have just gotten up to Broome for our two week road trip holiday!!!  It's exciting but I'm a little bit out of my comfort zone driving a big van and trying not to hit anything!!!  Lots of photos and blog posts to come!  (we went on Camels today!!!)
So this post is from my last day in Perth with my family.  We went to Hillary's Boat Harbour, a beautiful spot surrounded by calm waters and plenty of activities to do.  For Lunch we went to Little Caesar's, a popular pizza place located in Hillary's and Leederville also.  Always hard to get a table, always so worth it!!!

Ill make this short and sweet, but stay tuned for plenty more posts of our adventure from Broome to Perth in 14 days!!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dim Sum and Pork Bun

Hong Kong Dim Sum Trolley - 123 James Street, Northbridge.
Last night I caught up with a friend who is leaving for the Big Apple the same day I fly to Broome, so big travels all around.  I had a hankering for Dim Sum and Pork bun, and I guess it was a little more sentimental for us as friends.  One of my favourite trips in Australia was a trip in 2010 when we went for a girls trip to Melbourne: shopped, got lost, ate copious amounts of Max Brenner, and lived - not even over exaggerating, on Dim Sum and Pork bun.  I originally wanted to go to another place, but they didnt serve pork bun for dinner, and that's exactly what I was craving!!  So we wondered to this crazy open food hall in Northbridge (and clutched our purses tightly :P), and found the 'Hong Kong Dim Sum Trolley' in the 'Old Shanghai Food Court'. PERFECT.  The food was deliscious, and fairly well priced. 
I had:
BBQ Pork Bun $5
Prawn and spinach Dumplings $4
Spring rolls $4
WHY GO THERE: Even though Northbridge has a stigma for being dodgy, it makes me angry.  It's in a pretty prime position and they have a lot of yummy food.  The food is cheap, quick and tasty. 
WHY NOT TO GO: Parking can be tricky and northbridge can be quite dodgy sometimes.
RATING: for a funky open Food Court, we muchly enjoyed it and it seemed to be quite popular.  Id give it a 7/10.

When life gives you lemons.... literally

MinkPink Sunglasses / Dotti Lost City Skull Jumper / Cotton on Cut-Off Button up / Nobody Skinny Jeans / Savannah Leather Ankle Boot / Reid Cycle Vintage Ladies Bicycle

I love this new knit I bought from Dotti, and I also saw about three other people that love it too when I was on break today - Oops!!  We were all wearing the knit in totally different ways, which makes me think in a few posts time I might do the whole cliche 'Where 'item x' three completely different ways'.  My creative juices have been flowing lately (creative juices?? ohhh sounds so wrong but you get the gist), I work in a mens' funky clothing shop and I actually really love the clothes they produce.  So whilst doing a whole lot of nothing, I began brainstorming.  I will do certain challenges every few weeks or so.  One will include "Lady looks like a Dude - that's trying to look like a lady in a Dude's clothing challenge", "The Kmart challenge" (or for those who don't know Kmart, think of it something like Walmart), "The Ombre challenge", and many more to come.  Can you help me think of any?? Please comment your suggestions - I'm pretty competitive, this could get crazy!

Outfit today: Double Denim, Knit, and chunky biker boots.  Need I say more?

P.S: In my household my housemates and I cook for each other one night a week.  It makes the week a lot more cheaper, a lot more fun to have family dinners and critiquing each other's meals (master chef inspired of course).  Look how cute one of my housemates is with her Japanese presentation/food setting from last nights dinner:


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spots and Shadows

/ Dotti Glasses / Maybellene 'Coral Fever' lipstick / Otto Mode Spotted Vest Top / Thrifted High-Waisted Wide Legged Pants / Wittner Platform Brogues /

Today is my first outfit post and I had to do it with some good ole self timer action - i don't think they turned out half bad.  It's funny when you look into your backyard and start seeing creative locations for photo shoots.  I love shadows - they are mysterious and and can really shine the beauty of colour. The platform Wittner brogues featured are my most favourite treasured shoes, and man have they served me well!!  Being that I am already 6 foot most ask why I where such things?  My reply... why not?  They make your legs long(er), they are comfy to go out dancing in, go shopping in, I have even been known to have a bit of a trot in them.  Practical, classic and modern all in one.

And in other news - I leave for Broome in three days with my housemate (flying up and driving back).  I can feel a once in a lifetime opportunity coming, and I'm anticipating every second of it!!
Go on... get out there!  Where is your next trip??


please drop me a comment letting me know how I am going with this blog!  Any feedback would be great! :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello, World?

/ Miss Shop Vintage Bathers / Princess Polly Denim Cut-offs / Black Vans Shoes / Ray Ban Sunglasses /

MISSTAH Blog has been created by a fashion loving, photography guzzling nomad/traveller and self-confessed foodie, who doesn't mind sharing her occasional tomboy sheek tips and attitude to life through momentuous snaps with her DSLR.  It is a lifestyle blog that shows the riches of Perth and any other places she stumbles across. 

Come take the journey while she works to live - and not the other way around.


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