Thursday, October 3, 2013

A month away a girl will play

Sooooo I have been away for one whole month for work!  And the site I was at didn't have any WIFI (the nerve?).  I guess sometimes you take things for granted, and internet is definitely one of those things. 
While I was away I got a lovely little surprise from Spin Dizzy Fall that I had won from her birthday competition - a bracelet surprise from Surreal jewellery.  I chose a silver charm bangle that has a 'T' for Tahnee on it, and it is definitely going to be a staple piece for the coming months in Summer!! :)
Check out the beautiful accessories at Surreal Jewellery Here.

So my family all went and had a lovely holiday in America while I was stuck working in the sticks!  BUT they did bring me back some pressies, so I forgave them and now I'm focusing on catching up with everyone before I head back on Monday.  Oh the FIFO life!

Watch this space.  Behind the scenes photo's from my latest shoot for a friend will be up soon!

How has your month been??