Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sporty Luxe at the Garage

I was browsing through Witchery's website today crossing fingers and toes that they would have their 'European Luxe' black jeans because everywhere I have been looking either doesn't have my size or has sold out completely.  They are great priced ($99.99) and are higher waisted then usual jeans which makes me feel more comfortable - hiding the lumps and bumps that pop out in the low rise jeans.  Also they make your legs looks Amazonial (yes, I just made that word up!) - long and lean.

So I was unsuccessful in finding the jeans  - Might be a successful search on Ebay.  BUT I was successful for finding inspiration for my outfit for todays events.  I stumbled across Witchery's blog and their post entitled: 'Trend Edit: Sports Luxe'.  I'm always one for trying new trends.  As I said in my 'Everyone do the dinosaur - Ganthuaume Point' Here - I usually dress like a 5 year old motorway tomboy - Printed shirts, ripped denim shorts, mullet hairstyles (not really!), but you get my jist.  Depending on the event I like to dress accordingly and different each day.  AH! I'm getting off topic. 

Anyway, browsing I came across the 'Sports Luxe' post and I figure this style puts together my tomboy/sporty persona with my girly, tailored and structured side and I love it.  This picture in particular caught my attention
So I raided my closet and here's my outfit for the day.  I have to apologise for the location for the shoot.  It's in our garage. HA!  It isn't the most creative... but in my defence it's raining and gross in Perth at the moment and I was worried I was going to get rained out if I ventured out for better locations.  So I decided it's going to be a grungy garage sporty luxe shoot.

OUTFIT: Lola vs Harper dress / Peter Morrissey heels (from Big W might I add!!) / Roger David cap / Lovisa gold necklace / Sports girl elastic bracelet

TAH xx

P.S: Kudos to my housie Hooga for taking some photo's for us.  I think you have a bright photography carpenter future ahead of you xx


  1. I love your outfit! So well put together! xo

  2. Very nice spin on the sporty look! I love that you used a floral print dress!..XXX

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  3. love this sporty/chic outfit!

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  4. Love this look! The dress and the shoes...awwww...Great style!

  5. love the dress! jel that you live in perth too haha x

  6. Love this outfit, especially the shoes, they're beaut!
    And I think the setting works really well with the outfit as well, yay garage pictures! Aha ^.^' x

  7. Tah you look stunning! Sports chic is actually one of my favourite trends as I play 3-4 sports at one time per week! Haha so I do like it to transcend to my fashion :P

    xx opinionslave

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  8. Love the first look so much. You look super cool :)

    xx Lindsey | Complacency Kills

  9. wow I love them all!!
    I just found your blog and I really love it!!!
    love your content and your style!!!
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    share your opinion!!